Monday, June 29, 2020

First time at Target After Quarantine ...

    I ended up at Target to fill a prescription yesterday afternoon. The line was long to get in but it went pretty fast. Once inside I felt like they had the same amount of people they would normally have during pre-covid days. It did not bother me ... at least not right away. There were no lines for the pharmacy, I did not wait long to get attended to. When I was finished, I went to get a few things, it was different to see most of the Target shelves empty. A lot was missing. 

As I started off I witnessed a grown adult eating , licking her fingers, and then touching the shopping cart. It grossed me out. I decided to just grab the essentials and not stroll around the store, just as I would do pre-covid days. It was my shortest Target shopping ever. I felt so out of place, super AWKWARD. It's been months since I've stepped into a store. Chris is the one who makes runs when I can't get a delivery. 

When I was done shopping I went to the line and realized that it started at the back of the store. On the line it was obvious that there were those people who took the pandemic seriously and those who didn't. Those who did not, scared me. Like the person carrying his uncovered newborn through possibly contaminated humans. I rushed out of there and into an Uber right away. I don't think I am ready to be around so many people especially those that do not take this seriously. 

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