Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Thriving with change ...

2020. One big clusterfuck  but at the same time a year of blessings and change. It's now June and I can't remember anything that happened before March. I know January and February were eventful but the details are a blur. For me personally my life changed. I found out I was pregnant and got laid off, and hired as a freelancer right before the Covid Pandemic. 

I quarantined two weeks before shelter in place in NYC because I was scared of the unknown, especially being pregnant. I had been watching what was going on in China and I just wanted to protect my family. I have been grateful for this time off being that three years of a full time job did not allow me the time I needed with my son, husband and my business. 

During this time through the anxiety caused by uncertainty,  I was somehow able to think clearly about what I wanted to do with my projects. I definitely wanted to simplify my life before baby number 2 gets here. One way was to merge and rebrand my blog, you tube channel, influencer page and store together. 

I decided to name this collective " Suite LLH". 

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